Frequently Asked Questions

It Expires - Temporary file sharing

How does it work? allows you to upload a file of 100MB or less, for temporary distribution or sharing. When you upload a file, it is stored on our servers and you are presented with a retrieval URL. This URL does in no way identify the filename or filetype you uploaded. You can provide the URL to anyone you want to allow to download the file. Once the time you selected for the availability of the download expires, the URL we gave you when you uploaded is invalidated and the file is deleted from our servers. After this has happened, the file can no longer be retrieved from

Is it secure?

We use HTTPS to secure the connection between your computer and our server. Any information sent between you and our server is encrypted and cannot be stolen.

Can someone find my upload?

Your upload cannot be accessed directly. Anyone who wants to download your file will need your URL. Guessing the URL is very hard and is almost impossible to do within the time that your file is available. We also incorporate techniques to actively discourage brute force attacks.

How do I know a download is safe?

When you get a download link to content stored at, you might wonder whether it is safe to download. We perform a virus check on every file uploaded within a minute of it being uploaded. If it is not safe (virus, spyware or any other contamination detected), the file is immediately deleted and the download link is invalidated.

How do I know it is anonymous?

We store no information about you when you upload or download. See our Privacy Statement for further details.

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