Privacy Statement

It Expires - Temporary file sharing

This privacy statement explains your privacy while using our service

The service at is offered to all. We do not store any information that can be used to identify you or your particular computer.

The files that you upload to will be available for download for the period of time that you select when you upload. During that time the file is stored on our servers and may be subject to an automated virus scan. When the time period you selected when you uploaded the file expires (or when the file is found to be infected with a virus), the file will no longer be available for download and it will be deleted from our servers. This service will make no alterations to the files you upload or add any meta-data. All files are stored as you uploaded them and they are delivered without alteration to the person downloading them. will never ask any personal information about you, no matter whether you upload or download.

The web servers running the website do not log any access- or error-information.

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